The Pompon

It is no coincidence that leather goods are named after Morocco. It is in this country that was born the millenary art of the tannery, practiced by artisans from father to son.

From this tradition, all our pompons are designed and made in Morocco, in a small village located 60 km from Marrakech. The activity contributes greatly to its development. By purchasing one of these pompons, you contribute to the economy and comfort of the entire community.

Available in a wide palette of colors delicately selected, they constitute and symbolize all the richness of Morocco by their name and quality.

The house of the pompon has the privilege of being able to offer you all the dexterity and Moroccan know-how. Our leather tassels will add a touch of elegance and unique distinction. Each of our products will bring a modern and refined touch to your bag or interior decoration

"It is the small chic and bohemian detail that makes all the difference because it comes down on your accessories from head to toe. "


The leather

Leather is a material prepared from the skin of an animal (beef, sheep, cow, goat ...). This skin is then worked and cleaned by a long technique called tanning. It has been practiced for nearly a thousand years. The technique consists of working the leather skin in such a way that it lasts and skates over time.

Once the skin has arrived at the tannery, it is worked with substances derived from the plants. Once the work is finished, the skin is dried and ready to be worked in our sewing workshop thanks to the know-how of our craftsmen.